How is Your Email Marketing Coming Along?

You’re taking a step back to review your business, and realise that initiatives in digital marketing have not kept up with its substantial growth. In the present competitive landscape, your web presence cannot be restricted to a 5 page static web site – it is best to capitalise on aspects like design, user interaction along with user experience to effectively engage your viewers.

To achieve this task, should you go for a web design company or digital agency? In the following paragraphs, we shall explain their differences along with the value they bring about to the table.


As a start, let’s recognize the undeniable fact that many may very well be faced with the issue of having an incompetent web site vendor. Maybe the vendor is inadequate in meeting your requirements, or not responding fast enough for bug fixes and performing necessary changes. As with any other service sector, this sort of problem could possibly be the direct consequence of employees not being sufficiently motivated, or having basically no interest in the objective of assisting brands as well as businesses. No matter the reason, this type of scenario should by no means be tolerated by you as the customer.

All of the above mentioned tools pointed out to this point have a singular goal – to establish a linkage between businesses and customers. With numerous methods to select from, digital marketers are spoilt for choice as they possess the option to deploy the best possible strategies for the task at hand. When you use PPC for example, you’ll get billed only if someone clicks on your ad. In addition, you can also predefine how much you’re willing to pay for every single of these clicks along with what your total investment is. Setting out with a budget of just S10? Certainly not a problem. Let us go to the other end of the scale and say, a hypothetical budget of $1,000,000? That is fine also! In fact, eBay and several other companies globally commit much more than one million daily to pay per click ads with Adwords.


As a start, a lot of web design companies need you to assign direction to them. They will take your preferences word for word to finally get to the end product, offering virtually no strategic direction for your marketing. When it comes to expertise, they also are likely to be less well-rounded. One could excel at design, but lack coding knowledge. Another one could have fantastic coding abilities, but craft designs that look like they had been put together with PowerPoint. Whatever the case, there exists every possibility that they may subcontract the area that they are generally less proficient at. That could even get to a stage whereby they actually require you to connect with another vendor for those parts. This type of incredibly messy circumstance needs to be avoided at all costs.

It is also necessary to evaluate the charges of that digital agency in Singapore. Apart from the total amount you will spend for the project, you need to understand what to anticipate from that certain amount. It is vital that all things that will play a role in the development of the project should be cleared between you and also the agency.

A digital agency will be able to structure a multi-pronged approach to accomplishing your objectives. Among the greatest bits concerns the discipline of website design and development. The agency will certainly possess the abilities to construct an online image of your brand or business, and showcase it via the most easily accessible platform – your site. Also, a responsive site framework will be utilized to ensure it is adaptable across all varieties of devices. For example, let us say you own a restaurant in Singapore. An internet strategy may comprise basic elements such as pictures of your dishes or interior, as well as essential elements like your menu. With these things you supply them, the digital agency will certainly have the ability to create immersive interactivity and visuals that really reflect the mood of your restaurant. If for instance your restaurant serves fancy French cuisine, they’re going to develop a website that enhances the decor, theme and splendor of your place to ensure that diners instinctively learn what exactly to anticipate in advance. Last but not least, social media platforms will be well integrated within any site as they are very fundamental for the marketing of a typical consumer business.

Like anything digital, different measurements will be tracked and saved in real-time, which in turn may be studied after. For example, you’ll be able to see the following: (1) the frequency of post clicks, advertisements along with hyperlinks on your own website, and (2) the duration visitors spent on that site. With data being readily accessibleand analyzable, your digital marketing efforts can be optimized based on actual data, no guesswork is involved; this one thing creates an unequalled edge that conventional advertising simply can’t compete.

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So we embarked on this journey. Website design and development started first, as it was literally the online face to our business and more crucial for us. Evidently, the website assisted all of us to a superb extent, presenting customers with the specifics of all of our merchandise as and when they required it. Social media marketing arrived after that, but both platforms ended up being launched simultaneously, communicated the same core message, and designed with a consistent look and feel. On the whole, we have been satisfied with the results of digital marketing as it has gotten us an acceptable reach while keeping expenses within limits. Since it started, our prospective clients have accumulated and clientele increased two-fold. If you’re wanting to keep your edge against your competitors in today’s marketplace, this is definitely the route to take.